Updated: Oct 31, 2019

If you have thought about what places you can visit on your next vacation, I want to recommend one of the most beautiful places in the world ... Mexico City.

If you are looking for a nice, fresh and cheap place, do not doubt that the "Aztec land" is the best option for you, that's why we recommend the most beautiful places to visit in Mexico City.

Plaza de la constitución

This is an incredible place to practice tourism, the first thing you will see reaching the center of Mexico City, will be a gigantic flag waving in the air. Enjoy a good time trying the tlayudas, which is a special toasted tortilla with mashed beans, nopales, coriander, cheese and sauce ... Believe it or not, it is delicious.

In the northern part of this place, better known as the Zocalo, you will find the Templo Mayor that is located on the top of the ancient Aztec sacred enclosure nearby and once you fell in love with this fantastic place, why don't you visit the Metropolitan Cathedral? Take a walk through the Madero, this street welcomes around one million people per day.


No, this is not Venice, it is Mexico. You can delve into the history and art of the metropolis. Do not doubt that Xochimilco will not disappoint you, how about traveling through Lupita, Lulu, Fernanda, Lorena? These are the names of the colorful gondolas better known as trajineras; they will take you through the green channel, enjoy live mariachi presentations while buying traditional drinks, snacks and souvenirs from local vendors in smaller boats.


With endless options to visit, Chapultepec brings together culture, fun and friendly people in an eclectic place. The root of this place means grasshopper hill and is divided into three sections: the Chapultepec Zoo, the Anthropology Museum, and the Rufino Tamayo Museum. Take a trip to one of the small boats, visit the old Chapultepec castle or walk through the forest that is considered one of the most important: the "lungs". Street clowns are very popular and will make funny jokes in the squares scattered around the site.


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