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Updated: Nov 4, 2019

If you want to become an online teacher, at, we give you the 7 most effective strategies to enter the world of online teaching, written by Jacob, one of our star tutors. Check this information out that will surely bring you a good number of students.

The advantage of being an online teacher is that it allows you to set your price and schedule; however, we are going to start uncovering some myths that are created around this profession.

The mistake committed by many people who start in the world of online tutoring is to think that as soon as you immediately sign up for such a platform, students will be waiting for you as the messiah of teaching ... Error!

It may be a bit rude but students don't know who you are, they don't even know that you exist, much less what you do, they don't know that you can be a great teacher and that maybe you use dynamic, didactic and funny methods.

However, you will let them know that you may be the teacher they have long-awaited, so at we want to help you to achieve that, with these strategies to get students online.

1 Create your teaching method

It is not enough that you know a language and that you master it. Most of the times, we have seen teachers who are very good at the four language skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing), but have no idea how to teach; It's not only knowing a language but also knowing how to teach it. Prepare yourself continuously, make your classes funny and enjoyable, and become the teacher you've always wanted to be.

2 Promote yourself in your social circle

Many times, our friends and family do not know what we do, and that we can be great potential teachers, the first step is to promote yourself with people who are in your social circle.

3 Join groups of people learning the language you want to teach

Facebook is a great tool when looking for potential students, in many of these groups people ask questions about the language you know, let them know that you can help them solving their doubts to learn that language, always try to create networks.

4 Create your promotion profiles on social net

Do not neglect other social networks such as Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, which offer you the opportunity to create your page. Make yours with interesting content for your potential students. Always ask yourself the question “if I were learning a new language, what kind of information would I like to see on such a page? Turn your content into hooks for your potential customers, remember that "there is no bad product, but a bad seller."

5 Live classes at Periscope

Your future students still don't know you, that's why you can use one of the most striking tools of recent years ... Periscope. This platform allows you to create live sessions of diverse topics, use it to be able to give a live class, promote the day and time on your different social networks and announce them as FREE!, This will be the perfect hook to show your quality as a teacher.

6 Build your blog

Tools like Wix, allow you to create your personalized page, where you can upload interesting content that attracts your potential students, just take into account that this requires time, effort, money, and the process is a bit slower than with the previous ones, however, in the long run, it can bring good results if you know how to promote yourself.

7 Sign up on Dutongui

In recent months, a great expectation has been created in the world of languages ​​by, this platform will allow people who want to learn a language to be linked to native professional tutors, choose your schedules and the price of the teacher that convinces you; launch is expected by the end of November.

As you can read, the tools to become a great teacher are at your disposal and it is only a matter of using them properly.

I recommend you to focus on the most popular languages to teach: Spanish, Chinese or English. Do not forget the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it means to embed the keywords that people are looking for, for example, if you are teaching Spanish, you can try to use the most popular keywords: Learn Spanish online, Learn Spanish online Tutor, learn Spanish with native speakers online, Spanish for beginners or Learn Spanish through stories, these are only some examples of it. Just try to adequate to the language you teach.

By the way, If you are looking for a good Spanish teacher, book a test class on my Italki profile and follow me on my Facebook profile Learn Spanish with Jacob.

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