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About me


Hi! I'm Uriel

I'm a professional Spanish teacher who has been teaching for more than 4 years. I traveled around the world and I know how important it is to speak another language.

I designed this website in order to give my students free video lessons and resources to help them with their journey to learning Spanish.

If you want to take classes with me, I'm really glad to help you!.

Why choose me?

I have many courses, specially for beginners, at affordable prices!

Spanish lessons online

After our classes, you can check our class on pdf.

Free Spanish lessons

free spanish lessons

If you're an advanced student, check my podcast for you!

Practice your reading and comprehension with my Spanish Blog.


How to learn Spanish quickly?

There are many ways to learn languages, methods and paths. However, I have compiled the most important systems to give you a clear idea of ​​where and how to start, which options are better, and which are less expensive.

This is a definitive guide to help you out in your learning. It's a free e-book and you can download right now. I'm sure it's going to 

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